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Q & A Series: Fiona Lamont

Posted by Tanya Barretto on

5 minutes with Fiona Lamont, Lamont's 

Tell us a bit about the history of Lamont’s in WA
Lamont’s started as a partnership between myself, my sister and my Mum and Dad. We opened a restaurant in 1989 at our parents’ property in the Swan Valley because their cellar door clients were hungry!! My Mum was the Winemaker, my sister the Chef, and I managed the front of house. We now have three other venues around town (Bishops House, Cottesloe and Little Lamont’s Express in the Swan Valley) and one in Yallingup. Our motto is "we make the food and wine we like to eat and drink!!"

Favourite food pairing?
There are so many wonderful food matches to be had! That's my job! For years we have made a crisp goats cheese galette with mozzarella, parmesan and fresh thyme. We serve a cold flute of Lamont’s sparkling to accompany - it's the perfect match when guests arrive and everyone is always impressed!

What’s your favourite cheese?
I have fond memories of the Yarra Valley marinated persian fetta, it was the first of that style that I can recall (20 years ago) that we had access to. It came in little black tins. My sister and I used to work boardroom dinners together when we first opened our business and we made sure we always took an extra tin of fetta to eat for ourselves!!

Perfect Sunday night meal?
Sunday night is always whatever's left over from lunch service that day! We keep it really simple because we are usually stuffed from work! 9 times out of 10 we will throw a dumpling in the pot and make a dipping sauce with whatever's left in the fridge! Sunday night is always an early night!

You’re a self-confessed coffee addict – where’s your #1 place to enjoy a coffee in Perth?
Little Lamont’s Express in the Swan Valley of course!! I spend a lot of time there and we are serious about good coffee!

Images: Entrance to Lamont's Swan Valley; Fiona Lamont & Louise Mladineo outside the newest Lamont's offering, Little Lamont's Express in the Swan Valley

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