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Q&A Series: Adam Sallur

Posted by Alison Cridge on

5 Minutes with Adam Sallur, Gourmet Delights Instructor

What do you do when you're not making cheese? 

Well during the week I'm locked away in a semi dark ABC Radio production studio creating all manner of sounds and audio bling for the on air presenters. At home you'll more than likely find me in the kitchen whipping up a stock in my favourite bit of kit - my pressure cooker. Sausage making is another one of my hobbies when I'm not cheesing! I'm also into making brawn, haggis and other traditional fare.

Where is your favourite place to graze in Perth? 

The Core Cider House in Pickering Brook is a very pleasant place to sit and enjoy a meal and a cider! The surroundings are very me!

Best food pairing? 

Capers, red onion, smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh dill on sliced oven dried French loaf....perfection.

Last meal you cooked? 

Chicken Caesar salad with a home made dressing of coddled egg, anchovy, wine vinegar, salt and pepper, garlic clove and olive oil.

Soft or hard....cheese that is, what's your favourite type of cheese? 

I do like both - but I particularly love a good hard cheese. A cloth bound cheddar or my absolute favourite is Marcel Petite Comte. A cheese described as "having such singular character, quality and versatility." Matured for 24 months it is so damn morish and aaahh that musty rind, some people cut it off, but not me I love it.

Highlights from your recent European holiday? 

I have just returned from five incredible weeks travelling through Latvia, Russia, Germany and France. And the food? Don't get me started! What's amazing though is travel itself. One minute I was sitting in a cafe in Paris, all rugged up as it was about 2 degrees. A few hours later I was standing in a desert in Abu Dhabi drinking milk straight from a camel! You just have to pinch yourself.

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