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Finding pasturised, unhomogenised milk in WA

Posted by Tanya Barretto on

For those looking for unhomogenised milk in Western Australia there's a rapidly growing number of choices:

Sunnydale Dairy - run by the lovely Ron Rutherford, this is Guernsey milk and is sold in 1L glass bottles, often seen in IGA stores and Farmer Markets. Geurnsey milk is extra creamy and has high levels of A2 proteins (widely linked to digestive wellbeing/often better tolerated by people with milk intolerances or sensitivities). Price will range between $4-$5.50 per litre depending on where you buy it.

Cheese maker tip: If you go direct to the Factory Outlet (Unit 10, 20 Milford St, East Vic Park), you'll likely meet Ron and you'll pay only $4 per litre. Even better - contact Ron to order 2L plastic bottles for $6 ($3 per litre). This must be pre-ordered the day before for collection (usually weekdays/times subject to change).

Margaret River Organic Creameries - for a long time, this was the most readily available brand in Perth, and it is stocked by many Coles Supermarket stores. Lovely milk that we use regularly and certified organic, it's sold in 2L plastic bottles and price will range between $4.50 and $5.50 for 2L. To find a stockist near you, phone distributor, Born Organic on 08 9456 0988.

On the best value/most accessible front we now have:

Farmer's Own brand (exclusive to Woolworths WA) -  being sold in 2L and 3L plastic bottles for about $1.50/L...this represented a massive price drop in cream on top milk when it hit shelves about 2 years ago.  The milk is sourced by Woolworths from two Margaret River farming families and processed by Brownes. 

Cheese maker tip - The cream on top/unhomogenised label is not very easy to distinguish from the homogenised version - so carefully read the label. 

Paul's Farmhouse Gold brand - a brand increasingly popping up in various supermarkets, this is another brand that ticks the price and accessibility box for home cheesemakers, at about $2/L. What I don't like about it is the bottle size (1.5L) which doesn't match well for our recipes and whilst it's a good milk, we prefer to buy WA brands. 

There are also a couple of small dairies and cheese producers that sell pasturised, unhomogenised milk at Farmers Markets and Gourmet Supermarkets. Over the Moon Organics (Albany based) is one example that we absolutely love, and The Grumpy Farmer is a new one we haven't yet had a chance to try.

Don’t forget:

  • When using unhomogenised/cream on top milk always buy the full cream milk version.
  • For all milk, the fresher the better (look for long use by dates)
  • You don’t need to add cream or calcium chloride when using really fresh, unhomogenised milk for your cheese making.
  • Always give the bottle a really good shake before opening. 


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